Frank Moore Bill Advances

Oregonians applaud as Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary Bill advances in U.S. Senate; Legislation would protect clean water, the economy, and wildlife.

Deep in Kamchatka

What does it feel like to chase wild steelhead on a Kamchatka stronghold? A team from Outside and Felt Soul Media found out.

Males as Vectors to Hatchery/Wild Spawning Interactions and the Reshaping of Wild Steelhead/Rainbow Populations Through Fishery Management

The primary purpose of this paper is to provide evidence to a hypothesis: the temporal breadth for potential spawning is so broad for male steelhead/rainbow (Salmon mykiss in Russia, Onchorynchus mykiss in North America) that it is impractical and perhaps impossible to effectively manage for temporal isolation of wild and hatchery steelhead when they cohabit mutual spawning areas. It is proposed that if this hypothesis is correct, then there has been a reshaping of wild steelhead/rainbow populations through fishery management in North America when and where management has been based on the assumption that wild and hatchery steelhead can be temporally isolated from spawning together.

Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary Testimony: Ed Bowles

“Frank Moore is a hero. Frank’s humble and soft-spoken demeanor belies a lifetime of passionate and effective stewardship of Oregon’s wild steelhead and their habitats. His legendary prowess as a fly fisherman has mentored generations into the sustainable use and enjoyment of this great resource.”