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Salmon Alphabet

Salmon Alphabet

Art and education go hand in hand as our partners work with Russian youth to create salmon-themed murals and a primer.

Salmon Primer.

As part of an ongoing effort by WSC and partners to promote salmon education and reinforce the ethnic and environmental significance of the species, several projects were launched last year in the Russian Far East.

A Salmon Primer (or “Azbuka”) by children and for children was published by our partners in Sovetskaya Gavan, Russia. The primer was developed by local teacher Yelena Kuznichikhina and edited for scientific accuracy by Dr. Sergei Zolotukhin. Kids contributed the art for each alphabet letter. Funding was provided by Wild Salmon Center and our partner Khabarovsk Wildlife Foundation. 

The Primer, or “Salmon ABC”, made its first appearance at the annual First Salmon Celebration — a traditional ethnic event held near the Koppi River in Khabarovsk. Alexander Kulikov (founder of the Khabarovsk Wildlife Foundation) awarded copies to children as part of the “Our friend is salmon” contest.

Above: Teacher Yelena Kuznechikhina with students from Sovetskaya Gavan who helped create the mosaic mural. Top: Yelena with winners from the “Our friend is salmon” contest at the First Salmon Celebration in Khabarovsk | © Aleksandr Gorlunov

Students also participated in mural projects for two prominent locations in Sovetskaya Gavan: a children’s art school and another at a local history museum (pictured above). The mosaics were comprised of thousands of pieces and took many hours to complete. Yelena Kuznechikhina, teacher and lead on the project noted, “It was complex and painstaking work but so rewarding when it was all done!”

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