Skeena Action Alert

Skeena Action Alert

Tell the Trudeau Administration not to put the Skeena at risk

The Skeena is a globally important wild salmon stronghold and Canada’s second largest wild salmon river. Home to some of the largest Chinook and steelhead ever recorded, the river’s combined tribal, recreational, and commercial fishing economy is worth $110 million a year. The river and its salmon form the cultural and social bedrock of the place, where fishing is a near-universal way of life and First Nations have been celebrating and eating salmon for 5,000 years.

On September 27, 2016 Trudeau’s administration approved the Pacific Northwest LNG project on Flora Bank at the heart of the Skeena estuary.

But the project hasn’t been built and the developer is reconsidering its plan.  Email Trudeau today and tell him there is too much at risk to build a LNG facility right at the mouth of the Skeena.

Used by an estimated hundreds of millions of juvenile salmon every year, Flora Bank hosts fish from at least 40 different distinct populations from across the Skeena watershed and beyond. This “Grand Central Station” for juvenile fingerlings is the key to an entire thriving salmon ecosystem. It is too important to lose.

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