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Elliott State Forest Action Alert

Elliott State Forest Action Alert

Update: the State Land Board voted to continue with the sale of the Elliott on February 14. Please tell Treasurer Read and Secretary of State Richardson that this is a bad deal for Oregon.

Our public lands are state treasures.  They are important for maintaining salmon strongholds – indeed many of the headwaters for Oregon’s best coastal salmon streams are in public forests.

But state land officials are moving ahead with the sale of one of our jewels – the 84,000-acre Elliott State Forest in Coos and Douglas counties.

It will proceed unless the state land board gets behind an option to keep the land public.

The Elliott State Forest is a rich and diverse forest with 100- year-old forest stands, outstanding coho salmon streams, and excellent recreation opportunities from hiking to fishing to hunting to wildlife viewing.  Under legacy state policies, the Elliott is mandated to provide timber harvest revenue for schools, but logging has declined in recent years to protect rare species such as murrelets and spotted owls.  We now need to disconnect school funding from old-growth logging on places like the Elliott, and keep the forests intact and public.

Governor Brown has put forward a bold plan to keep the Elliott in public hands and protect important older forest stands while fulfilling our obligation to school children.

Can you ask your state legislators and State Treasurer Tobias Read to help keep the Elliott public?

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