The Krivaya River, a lower tributary of the Kievka River.

The Krivaya River, a lower tributary of the Kievka River.

Kievka full rapid assessment

The Kievka River is located in the Lazovsky District of Primorsky Territory (Primorye). In southern Primorye, many ancient species have been preserved – Japanese yew, aralia, ginseng, Amur cork tree, Ussurian tiger, Himalayan bear, spotted deer, Amur goral, pheasant, and azure-winged magpie. The fauna and flora of Primorye have also been enriched by Siberian and Okhotsk species – birch, spruce, larch, aspen, brown bear, wolverine, sable, and hazel grouse. The extraordinary richness of flora and fauna, its dynamic polyclimatic structure, and the combination of new species with preserved ancient organisms have created a great biodiversity of ecosystems, unmatched by any other place in the temperate latitudes.

The fauna and flora of the watershed includes at least:

  • 1250 species of vascular plants
  • 300 species of mosses
  • 400 species of algae
  • 800 species of fungi
  • 37 rare species of insects
  • 61 species of mammals
  • 318 species of birds

The most important species of salmonid in the Kievka River is the cherry (masu) salmon, a beautiful and endangered species endemic in southern Primorye, Japan and parts of the Korean Peninsula and Sakhalin Island. The hydrologic regime of the river has been sustained by the floodplain's well-developed vegetation. Since the onset of logging operations around the tributaries of the Kievka River, have been more catastrophic floods in the lower part of the river and consequent erosion and sedimentation of the river. Poaching operations have become larger and more aggressive, with the participation of some government employees. We recommend a new regional fishing law with detailed prescriptions on the protection of spawning salmon and habitat, expanding the existing Lazovsky Reserve, and stopping the expansion of the timber industry.