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Celebrating over 20 years of healthy wild salmon rivers

The mission of Wild Salmon Center is to promote the conservation and sustainable use of wild salmon ecosystems across the Pacific Rim.

photo by Igor Shpilenok

Wild-born fish are among the most adaptable creatures on the planet and are the best equipped to survive in the face of industrial development and climate change. Read why protecting wild salmon strongholds must be made a priority and FAQs about genetically modified salmon.


Skeena River, photo by Ken Morrish

The Wild Salmon Center is partnering with SkeenaWild Conservation Trust to safeguard BC's Skeena River -- a stronghold for salmon and steelhead.


Salmon Strongholds

Can a fish save the world? Watch WSC President Guido Rahr's TEDx talk “Salmon Strongholds”.

Charity Navigator

Charity Navigator has awarded the Wild Salmon Center its highest 4-star rating for sound fiscal management.

1 Percent for the Planet

Wild Salmon Center is approved to receive grants through the 1% for the Planet program.

News & Updates

Protecting the Wild Gems of the Russian Far East

Our partner Alexander Kulikov has been working to protect the unique and diverse ecosystems of Russia's Khabarovsk Region for over 20 years. He has successfully lead the Khabarovsk Wildlife Foundation to create 21 protected areas--safeguarding threatened giants like the Siberian tiger and taimen, as well as abundant runs of pink and chum salmon. Read More.

Cold Water Refuges for Salmon

Salmon need cold water and genetic diversity to survive: Read the latest New York Times story and CEO Guido Rahr's take on cold water refuges in the Pacific Northwest. Read More.

Genetically Modified Salmon

With the first genetically modified fish (from AquaAdvantage) recently approved for sale by the Food and Drug Administration, a number of questions have come up regarding the potential impact on wild salmon. Read More.

Zhupanova Dam Project Shelved

A long-dreaded project on one of the most productive and famous trout rivers in the world is shelved after Putin refuses to fund a hydroelectric dam project on the Zhupanova River. Read More.


Occupation Lelu: At the Center of the Skeena Estuary Battle

Our partners in British Columbia dig in against a gas development that would permanently alter juvenile salmon habitat at the mouth of the Skeena River. Read More.

Progress for Oregon Streams

In a small but important step to protect salmon streams and cold water, the Board of Forestry voted to increase stream buffers on private land in Western Oregon. Read More.

Upper Quinault by Larry Workman

Washington Invests Big on the Coast

The Washington Coast just received more than $11 million in new state funding for a suite of watershed restoration projects championed by the Wild Salmon Center and our coastal partners. Read More.

Protecting the North Umpqua, Honoring Frank Moore

The Frank Moore Wild Steelhead Sanctuary on Oregon’s North Umpqua River would designate approximately 100,000 acres of public lands in some of the best remaining wild steelhead spawning areas in the Pacific Northwest. It pairs a legendary river with an inspirational patriot and river guardian, Frank Moore. Read More.

Out with Driftnets

After a decade of work by WSC partner Sergei Vakhrin and his regional NGO, Saving Salmon Together, Russia has banned the destructive fishing practice of driftnetting. Read More.

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Центр дикого лосося (ЦДЛ) - единственная международная природоохранная организация, целью которой является сохранение тихоокеанского лосося во всем его ареале. ЦДЛ сотрудничает с государственными, муниципальными и частными структурами в целях объединения усилий для сохранения естественных экосистем в северной части Тихого океана.

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