Pebble Mine tailings storage facilities

Pebble deposit cross section

The Pebble deposit reaches a depth of 2,000 feet in its western reach, known as Pebble West, and at least 5,000 feet in Pebble East. Mine waste, including tailings and waste rock, comprises roughly 99% of the approximately 10.8 billion metric tons of ore on site.

How much is 10.8 billion tons? If PLP used rail cars capable of carrying 100 tons each to transport the roughly 10.8 billion tons of ore, the effort would require 108 million rail cars. With standard 65-foot-long hopper rail cars, the train would measure 1.33 million miles, long enough to circle the Earth at its equator over 50 times.

Taken from "Bristol Bay's Wild Salmon Ecosystems and the Pebble Mine". For a more detailed explanation of this graphic, please see the full report available online. Text and images copyright © 2012 Wild Salmon Center.