Wild Salmon Center staff

Wild Salmon Center staff

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Our Mission

The mission of Wild Salmon Center is to promote the conservation and sustainable use of wild salmon ecosystems across the Pacific Rim. We identify science-based solutions to sustain wild salmonids and the human communities and livelihoods that depend on them.

Our Goal

When we protect wild salmon, we safeguard rivers, forests, communities and economies. Wild salmon occupy a unique ecological niche, supporting scores of other wildlife, from bears to eagles to wolves. All told, wild salmon are one of the most important species to North Pacific marine and freshwater ecosystems and to the communities and economies on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.

Today wild salmon are facing serious threats to their sustainability. Climate change, extractive industries, habitat loss, overfishing, and hatchery salmon are pushing wild salmon to the brink. Many wild salmon populations have gone extinct or dramatically declined in their historic range.

Fortunately, there are watersheds across the North Pacific that are still intact and teeming with wild salmon.

Our goal is to protect the North Pacific’s best wild salmon rivers and most robust salmon populations while they are still healthy and strong. If we do this we have the potential to sustain more than half of the planet’s wild Pacific salmon. By investing resources in our healthiest watersheds and strongest salmon populations, we’re achieving the greatest conservation returns and are helping to ensure the long-term survival of the species.

To accomplish this goal, the Wild Salmon Center implements forward-looking strategies based on the best science. We partner with local communities, governments, businesses, and other key stakeholders in a shared commitment to good stewardship and long-term sustainability. Together, we can protect the Pacific Rim’s last, best salmon watersheds, healthiest wild salmon runs, and the invaluable benefits they provide.

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